Lies Van Driel 2

175.00 - 825.00
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Lies Van Driel 2

Lies Van Driel aka TRUT

Scissors, paper and glue, that's all TRUT needs to make the craziest collages and compositions. Lies Van Driel flew around the world and made collages to keep both feet on the ground. This is her way of clearing her head.

Her stage name is TRUT and while this is a swear name, there is nothing negative about her. You are especially fond of the humor in her unique pieces. TRUT does not edit anything digitally, she is sponsored by Pritt. Lies gets her materials from magazines, books and paper that she finds at flea markets and thrift shops.
Later in the process she scans in her collages and pushes them into large works where you can see every detail (including glue residue and cracks).