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Manou Kersting 1

Manou Kersting:

From criminal clown to artist
With the series 'Hands & Heads SPEAK', Manou Kersting comes out as a visual artist for the first time. Hands are expressive and tell a lot in silence. His face is a mask that he works with and tells what he wants.

Manou had already decided at the age of six that he would become an actor. He also scored highly in drawing class. From the age of 13 he played double bass in the Manouche Jazzband of his father, Gregor Joseph Kersting (violinist and abstract visual artist). Acting took precedence.

After the first season of the black comedy 'Crimi Clowns', Manou wanted to give a present to Luk Wyns (creator, director and actor of the Crimi Clowns). He painted the eyes of the Clown Norry. That was suddenly the rediscovery of the brush.

An actor is forced to realize a project in a group. But working on a painting is an adventure for Manou that he can experience undisturbed on his own in his studio. Last year he came out for the first time with a solo exhibition in gallery National 55.

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