Noortje Palmers 2

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Noortje Palmers 2

Noortje Palmers (°1987) is a young Belgian with a heart for photography in all its forms.

This cheerful photographer has found the perfect balance between her own work and press and advertising photography. Whether it is a first-time model, Mr. Average or a prominent politician: they all feel comfortable in front of Noortje’s lens.
Characteristic of the style used by Noortje is the mix of spontanity and sophistication, driven by creative impulses and accidental circumstances.
Noortje enjoys creating her own world. A world in which she, the portrayed man or woman and her audience is happy and satisfied. Her inner child is never far away.

In her own work, she wants to offer an alternative to the colourless and grey photography that is so prominently present these days. The tools she uses are playfulness, a touch of naivety, lots of colour and a sense of humour. Nothing is as energizing as a successful photo shoot.

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