Patrick Conrad 2

345.00 - 645.00
Patrick Conrad 2

Patrick Conrad (Wilrijk, 16 July 1945) is a Flemish poet, screenwriter, film director and writer of crime novels. He is also a visual artist. Conrad draws, paints or makes collages to rest after writing for a while.

The line between poetry and collage is very small. Patrick tells stories that he could just as well have put in the form of a poem.


Each artwork is offered in limited edition and in various sizes, with a certificate and number.

Material - Fine Art Print on Plexi-Glass
20cm x 30cm: nr from 1 till 7 = 345 euro
30cm x 40cm: nr from 1 till 5 = 465 euro
40cm x 60cm; nr from 1 till 3 = 645 euro