Ilde De Munck - The Collage Prinses

65.00 - 325.00
Ilde De Munck - The Collage Prinses

Ilde De Munck

Teaming collage with her signature original illustrations, self-taught antwerp based artist Ilde De Munck creates vibrant Pop Art inspired works.
She uses popular culture imagery from advertising, intermixed with her own striking illustrations that are heavily influenced by surrealism.


Each artwork is offered in limited edition and in various sizes, with a certificate and number.

Material - Fine Art Print on Brushed Aluminium
20cm x 30cm: nr from 1 till 7
30cm x 40cm: nr from 1 till 5
40cm x 60cm: nr from 1 till 3
60cm x 80cm: nr from 1 till 2
80cm x 120cm: nr from 1 till 1


You can check out more of her work here: